Fleet & Crew

Our top notch crew members have garnered the highest awards in aeronautics in the nation, year after year.  Your safety is ensured every time you lift off with the experience and knowledge found in our cockpits.

At SouthJet Regional, our fleet is tested and upgraded constantly to ensure top safety precautions for your flight.

We are proud to boast one of the youngest fleets in the world, with no aircraft flying more than 200 hours a week. Click on the images below to review information on each aircraft apart of our Fleet.


Our crew is highly trained and has been recognized by JD Power for  receiving a JD power award for best airline two (2) years in a row. The crew here at SouthJet Regional perform our company moto everyday from Review the day's flight plan or executing a nice landing in rough weather. For more information about becoming apart of the SouthJet Crew fill free to message our Head Captain Titus Matthews at tmangolfkid#7242 (discord)

Cpt Titus Matthews

Captain Titus Matthews is the lead training instructor at SouthJet Regional. He's a 8 year veteran with 82 Hours of Flight Logged in real life. In addition to the 82 hours logged in real life he also has 7,000 simulated hours on X-Plane and Flight Sim X. 

SouthJet Experience

October 10, 2019


Below is a video of SouthJet Regional flight 28 with services to Sandy Shore International Departing from Los Santos International in turbulent weather. The Pilot in Command is Senior Captain Titus Matthews who is a 8 year veteran. Captain Matthews is flying the brand new Airbus A320 which seats 12 Passengers and 2 Crew.

Life of a SouthJet Crew Member

October 30, 2019


Below is a video of SouthJet Regional Captain Titus Matthews Documenting his daily life. Captain Matthews is flying the brand new Airbus A320 which seats 12 Passengers and 2 Crew from LSIA to SSIA. If you are interested in joining the crew fill free to click on the Become a pilot Tab on the Website to review our requirements then fill out a application.

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